The Smart Connect Card is Text In Church’s newly designed, intuitive, and interactive Connect Card.  It can be used on your website, on a phone or tablet, or with a text in Keyword.  Let’s take a look at the Smart Connect Card builder within your Text In Church account.

Here are some fantastic ways to use the Smart Connect Card…

  • Plan My Visit

  • VBS Registration

  • Small-Group Sign Up

  • Use on a tablet at your Welcome Center

The Smart Connect Card functions the same way as the Digital Connect Card in terms of how it automatically inputs the information into the appropriate Group.  However, it’s interactive and way more user-friendly, so we believe the response rates will increase with the use of the Smart Connect Card.

The Smart Connect Card is displayed prominently on your website (avoids confusion), is personalized to your church, your needs, and the user (user-friendly), and organizes all of the information gathered into your Text In Church account for further outreach and follow-up (a HUGE time-saver). 

Let’s walk through how to use the Smart Connect Card. For this example, we will use it for Vacation Bible School Registration.

First, go to the Group section and either create a new group (in our example it would be “VBS,” or select the existing group you want a Smart Connect Card linked to. Within the group, select Smart Connect Card.  This will take you through our easy, 4 steps, Smart Connect Card builder.

Design your Smart Connect Card in the Text In Church platform. Add the registration details and personalize the card with your church logo and color here:

Choose how you would like the card to display on your website. There are multiple ways you can choose, such as a sticky banner across the top or a button on a page.  

You can also opt to use a variety of these display methods.  Simply pick and choose among the list shown.

In this example, we’re using the top sticky banner and button feature.

As you can see, the Smart Connect Card options provide multiple opportunities for your guests to register for events.  Once your guest clicks on the sticky banner or the button for VBS, the Smart Connect Card will open up.

Notice that the Smart Connect Card isn’t a generic form that has a list of questions. Instead, it takes on a more interactive approach, asking only one question at a time. For example, once the person types their name, the card uses his/her name to ask the next question:

On your form, you can also add the option for people to register their children.  Since we are doing a VBS sign-up, we’ve included this step.  

Because, in this example, we have two events we are promoting, we’ve included a multiple-choice question that allows people to choose which event they are planning to attend. You can set that up in Step 1 of creating the Smart Connect Card. Under the option to pre-register children, you can add multiple-choice questions.

Once the form is completed, the confirmation page will display. If you have selected a custom confirmation option like a video or redirect to a page on your website, that will appear. The person’s information and details will then be added to the Group for which you created the Smart Connect Card so you can follow up with each guest as your event gets closer.  

We know people are busy and don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to find the registration link or fill out a long form. The Text In Church Smart Connect Card feature creates multiple ways to access registration through the sticky banner, chat bubble, pop-up, and button options.  The step-by-step format helps your guests feel more engaged by providing an interactive approach to the form completion process.

Finally, once the form is completed, your Automated Workflow can continue to connect with your guests with texts and emails in the weeks leading up to your event.



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