Yes, you heard that right, Text In Church now offers two types of Connect Cards -- Smart Connect Cards & Digital Connect Cards. Each serves the purpose of gathering contact information for your People records inside of Text In Church. Let's dive into the uses for both and why you'd use each version.

Digital Connect Cards are one of the staples to the Text In Church system. They allow you to gather information from guests and members alike without having to type it in yourself. The Digital Connect Card works directly with the Keyword and is sent in response to a Keyword being texted into your Text In Church phone number. Using a Keyword Automated Reply, you can send the Digital Connect Card automatically anytime someone texts in a Keyword. These cards can be branded to your church's color and logo. You have the options to gather the basic contact information needed to communicate effectively (Name, Email, Mobile Phone Number) or you can choose to extend what you ask for and also get their mailing address. We also allow you to have one Custom Comment Field for an additional item of data as needed. Remember, the less you ask for, the more likely they are to provide the information. See below for an example of what a Digital Connect Card looks like:

Smart Connect Cards are designed to be installed on your website to assist you in collecting website visitor information. There are many times that people will check out your website prior to ever attending your church as a guest. So it's important to make an effort to connect with them. These cards can also be branded to reflect your church's colors and logo, but have a unique look that fits well on any website. They allow you to gather more information but do so one question at a time. They can end in a specific thank you page or a custom confirmation page of your choice.

A feature of the Smart Connect Cards we are really excited about is the question about registering children.

To learn more about how to set up your Smart Connect Cards, click here.

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