Smart Connect Cards are Text In Church’s new and improved Digital Connect Cards. Have no fear, the Digital Connect Card is still available!  The Smart Connect Card is an additional tool in your Connect Card tool belt that is both interactive and intuitive.  It is a card that you can embed on your website for things like Plan A Visit, VBS Registration, Small Groups, and much more!

The Smart Connect Card functions differently than the Digital Connect Card in that it’s interactive.  When a person clicks on your customized Smart Connect Card, they see a pop-up (or separate page, however you choose to display it) that is branded to your church, with your messaging.  It will ask for a name first.  Once that is filled out, it will then use the name to ask the next question.

The Smart Connect Card is also intuitive.  It only prompts someone to answer one question at a time, as you would do in a conversation.  This has been proven to increase the likelihood that a person will actually fill the card out in its entirety.  After finishing a question and clicking “next,” the person will be thanked and prompted to answer the next question.  It’s a major improvement to the user experience!

Finally, the real beauty in the Smart Connect Card is in what it does for YOU.  The Smart Connect Card/Cards you embed on your website are directly connected to a Group within Text In Church.  All of the amazing follow-up and messaging you want people to receive after they plan a visit to your church or register for an event or sign up for a small group will be ready to go and triggered based on when they complete the card.  You can also embed a video to play and/or send a notification to a staff person once a Smart Connect Card is complete.

The Smart Connect Card increases the interactiveness of your website, which is one of your greatest outreach tools.  It helps solve the problem of people not filling out the connect card with its intuitive design. It enables you to connect with people before they even step foot in your church through the Plan A Visit feature. You’re going to love it!

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