Sometimes, people may forget to fill out the link after they have texted in a Keyword.

That's ok! You can create a Group and have a message sent to them asking them to fill out a form and update their information.

Step 1: Go to Groups and click "Create Group"

Step 2: Name the Group "Need More Info"

Step 3: Click "Create Group"

Step 4: Click the "Automated Workflows" tab

Step 5: Choose "Import Steps"

Step 6: Select the Need More Information template

Step 7: Provide the personalized details from the pop-up. This will be the name of the person the messages will come from for these steps.

Step 8: Review messages as needed but they are ready to go!

Now that message will be sent to a person when you put them in this Group. They will receive a message asking them to update their contact record.

Add yourself to the group to see how it works!

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