Because we’re committed to giving you the most powerful tools to communicate with your community, Text In Church is releasing these impressive enhancements:

Two Way Sync: We have made our integrations even more powerful, which means more time savings for you! All of our integrations now do two way sync. Which basically means, you can add a person to Text In Church within a synced group and they will appear in your other account. It’s really that simple!

To learn more see the following articles:

Planning Center Integration

Church Community Builder Integration

MailChimp Integration

Smart Templates: Here is another amazing update that will make creating automated workflows a cinch! Using a pop up data field, you can now enter in the variable data, click import and our pre-made smart templates will be customized! This will save you lots of time in creating a new follow up sequence. Click here to learn more!

New Site: We are super excited for the new look and content of our main website. Your login screen and the platform look the same, we’ve just given our website a makeover.

We're constantly working to improve Text In Church and would love your feedback on these new features.

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