Because we’re committed to giving you the most powerful tools to communicate with your community, Text In Church is releasing these impressive enhancements:

Custom Field in Connection Card: Under Group settings, you can now add a custom field to your church’s connection card. You can use this for prayer requests, t-shirt sizes, how did you hear about us, serving location preferences, and much much more! Click here to learn more.

Editable Slides via Canva:  We have upped our graphics game! Canva is an awesome free service we’ve used to update the slide templates in our Bonus Resources section. All you need is a free Canva account, and you can customize any of our slide templates to meet your needs. Click here to learn more.

Manage People View Message Option:  Now under Manage in the People section, you can select and choose who you want to receive a message. Send to as few or to as many as you want. We just wanted to give you one more spot to send out a quick message as needed. Click here to learn more.

We're constantly working to improve Text In Church and would love your feedback on these new features.

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