I don't know about you, but I love to read about new features that make life easier.

That's why we're sending you monthly updates on Text In Church, so you can use all the newest features...and remember you can click on any linked text to read more details about the update.

Here's the line up on June 19th:

Digital Connection Card for your Website:

Start capturing guest data directly from your website!  Our new website widget allows your digital connection card to pop up for potential guests checking out your church prior to their visit. You can now get pre-registration for guests! 

Form Completion Actions:

You asked, we delivered!  You now have the ability to not only send an automated response when someone texts in, but also an automated response when they complete the digital connection card. And even better yet, you can now get notified via reminder message or text message when someone fills out a digital connection card.  All of this can be set up in the Settings menu of each Group.

Faster Inbox Management: 

It’s easier than ever to keep your inbox cleaned up! Unactioned messages (indicated by the green stripe) are now filtered to the top. This helps you see the messages that need a reply or to be archived fast. Now in addition to multi-select to archive, you can archive a message from the read view.

We're constantly working to improve Text In Church and would love your feedback on these new features.

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