I bet you're a bit like me, and love it when the products you use everyday get even better!

That's why we're sending you monthly updates on Text In Church, so you can use all the newest features... 

Here's this month's line up:

Import Your Own Workflows: We've made it easier than ever to create custom workflows! In additional to importing the TIC workflow steps, now you can import your previously created workflow steps from an existing group in your account. 

Opt People Out With One Simple Click: If someone replies to a message asking to opt out, you can quickly opt them out from future text message communication. It's super simple... stay right in that conversation and in the top right corner you just click icon of the person with an X over it. 

Use A Shortcut to View Full Message History: This isn't a new feature, but we tweaked it a bit and wanted you to be aware of the functionality.  Now when viewing a person's profile, you can click "View Message History" and you will be taken directly to their message history in the messages section.

Digital Connection Card Enhancement: All digital connection cards will now auto-populate any information you have in your TIC system for them by matching email or mobile phone.  This allows for faster joining to groups of people already in the system.  This is also excellent for when you use the Update Contact, ({BASIC_UPD} or {EXTENDED_UPD}), to ask people to make sure their best contact information is on file.

And last but not least....

Emoji Support: You've asked and we've delivered!  You can now see incoming emoji icons in your TIC account.  Due to the rise in popularity, we've made this change so you won't miss a smiley face, thumbs up or heart icon being sent your way.

We're constantly working to improve Text In Church and would love your feedback on these new features.

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