Here at Text In Church we are keeping busy this summer...we just released another great update. I’m excited to share the details with you!

Call Forwarding: Now use one number for all communication! Previously you could only use your Text In Church phone number for SMS/text messaging. Under the Settings menu you can now select a phone number to forward any voice calls that come into number. Phone calls will now directly route the phone number of your choice.

Tax Exempt Number: Just a little accounting paperwork needed for this item.  We’ve built in a place under Settings in the Payment Preferences tab for you to provide your Tax Exempt number for our records.Just click the pencil icon to edit the preferences and pull up the Tax Exempt field. Thanks in advance for going in there real quick to update that!

Unactioned Message Flag: The functionality is all the same, but we just made it a bit nicer looking. Instead of the green side bar, you will now notice a blue flag to indicate when you have an unactioned message. Remember to clear the flag you need to respond or archive the message, as the flag indicates action is needed on a new SMS response. Archiving doesn’t delete but just helps keep that inbox clean. (And the multi-select to archive could be your friend if you’ve got several to clear).

We're constantly working to improve Text In Church and would love your feedback on these new features.

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