Text In Church allows you to be alerted via email or text message when a new person fills out your Digital Connect Card. This is a great way to begin immediate follow-up and alert your leadership team of new people into your system or new sign-ups for specific events.

To set up your Staff Notifications you will go into the specific Group under the Groups section. On the Group’s overview page, you will see the words "Manage Staff Notifications" in blue. Click on those words to open the settings.

Under this section, once you click add you will be able to fill out what message you want to send and which staff member it goes to. This message serves as an alert to just let you know that new Connect Cards have been filled out. It's a bit like getting a quick high five to confirm a job well done!

An example of what you might put in the message section:

"Good job! Another connect card was filled out for the First Time Guest Group, see details below".

The contact details will be listed after the message you provide in that box. The message is just a way to help the recipient know why they are getting those contact details. See the example below of what the email will look like.

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