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You have several options when editing your Digital Connect Card. You can choose how much information you ask for by choosing which reply type you prefer. You can also adjust it tomake it match your church’s brand. This creates an excellent user experience because there is consistency in colors, logo, text, etc. from your website to your Digital Connect Card.

We also give you the option for oneCustom Comment Field on the Digital Connect form (the example above is a Prayer request field). If you are wanting lots of additional fields, consider using a third-party service to do a survey form.

Pro Tip: Have you checked out our Smart Connect Cards? They give you additional options to gather more information and can be embedded directly onto your website.

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Add Logo and Brand Color

Step 1: Go to Settings and choose Account Overview from the Sub-menu. From there you can click "Edit" to change your Display Preferences.

Step 2: Type in the Hex value for your main branding color or use the color picker and choose your logo, and select “Save Changes” when finished.

Step 3: Now all the Digital Connection Cards will have your logo and brand color on them.


  1. Logos look best when they have a transparent or white background.

  2. If you do not have the Hex value for your main branding color, check out this article on several different ways to find out what the value is.

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Add a Custom Comment Field

Text In Church allows you to add a Custom Comment Field to the Digital Connect Card (DCC) to collect any additional information relating to an individual Group.

To set up your Custom Comment Field you need to go to Groups and select the group you want to turn this on for. Under the Group Settings, you will need to click the Pencil icon in the top right to open up the editing options.

Then you will want to select the toggle button to turn on the Custom Comment Field. You can enter in the description what you want to collect.

Make sure you click “Save Group” at the bottom when finished.

The bottom field of the DCC will be titled for your Custom Comment Field.

Submissions in this field will be formatted and added to the Comments field of the person that filled out the DCC.

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