There are times when you will want to add your own workflow step and draft from scratch (versus importing a template set). Great! This is super easy to do...

First, open the Groups section, choose the Group you want to add the Automated Workflow step to, and then select the “Automated Workflows” tab.

Next, click the "Create New Step" button.

Then select the type of message you want to send from the pop-up options.

You can send an email, text message, or reminder message. Reminder Messages go to a staff member or volunteer to give them information about the person going through the workflow.

Give the step a title by typing it in the box under "Edit Step Name,” and select “Save” when finished building your message.

Follow the steps to compose the message and set the scheduling preferences.

Remember that Automated Workflow steps go on a schedule based on the join date for the person entering the group.

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