Your Text in Church account level is based on the number of SMS (text). 

Cell phone industry standards are to send messages of 160 characters or less. Traditionally, each unit of 160 characters is counted as one SMS message. Text In Church knows that sometimes you just need a few more words, so we allow you to go over 160 characters and only count it as one unit or message sent towards your allotment. However, we do have a handy counter in What Would You Like Your Message To Say step so that you can be aware.

For the best delivery, we suggest you keep under the 160 character limit. Some phones may break messages up above 160 characters, and that isn't the best experience for your members and/or guests.

Each message you send out to an individual counts as a message.  You can send to a group of 100 people a group, and that will count for one message per person or 100 messages.

If you attach a picture to your text message, this would count as 2. For example, a text message with a picture sent to 100 people would count as 200 messages.

Keep in mind that all incoming messages are free and don't count towards your allotment.

You can upgrade your account to get more messages at any time; find that under your Settings tab.

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