There are times when you may want to send a message to a single person instead of using the group messaging or automated workflow message options. You can send a message to a single individual, or select a few individuals at once. To do so, go to the messages tab, click New Message.

The first step will ask you if you want to send to individuals or to groups.  You can then select the individual(s) that you wish to send to. The list just displays the first few contacts but you can search by name for any of the people inside of TIC and add them as needed.  You can remove by clicking the small x by the name if added in error.

Another approach to sending to an individual is to find their person record under the People tab (you can search at the top by name) and then once inside their record you can click "Send a Message".  This will show all message history with this person and allow you to send an SMS/text message to them.  To do emails, you must go through the New Message option listed above.

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