You can send a non-automated email for a one time message in Text In Church.  This is great for reminder messages about specific events, group update messages, and any other communication to be done with specific date involved messages. There are a two ways to send a one time message.

Through the Messages section:

  1. Go to Messages
  2. Click Create Message

3. Enter a Title
4. Choose a recipient. It can be a group, an individual or several individuals

5. Choose your message type.

6. Create your message

7. Schedule the message to send immediately or choose a date and time.

Through Manage People

You can also send messages to individuals though the Manage People View.

  1. Click People from main menu
  2. Choose Manage under People
  3. Choose your recipients
  4. Click "Send Message" at the top of the page

To learn about our automated messaging system, check out articles on our Automated Workflows.

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