Your Text in Church account level is based off the number of SMS (text) and email messages in your allotment. 

A SMS message is considered 160 characters or less. You can send a text that goes over that count, but it would count as another message. You can also send a multimedia message as well, but it would count as two messages. 

We installed a handy counter beneath the message box to help you see how long your message is! 

Each message you send out to an individual counts as a message.  You can send to a group of 100 people a group message, and that will count for one message per person or 100 messages (if you kept your SMS under 160 characters).  Each reply that comes back in also counts towards your allotment.

Emails work the same way, only they aren't limited by character count and images don't add to your count either.

You can upgrade your level of account to get more messages at any time, find that under your Settings menu.

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