With Text In Church you have the ability to not only send an automated response when someone texts in a keyword, but also an automated response when they complete the digital connection card. And even better yet, you can now get notified via reminder message or text message when someone fills out a digital connection card.  All of this can be set up in the Settings menu of each Group.

To set up your form completion auto reply message you will go into the Group Settings and select the group you wish to edit. Using the pencil icon on the Group Overview tab you can edit the settings.

Then turn the toggle button on for the Include Form Completion Auto Reply Message. This will open a box for you to draft your message.  Since they just completed your connect card form, you will now have details like their first name that you can insert by short code and make your message personalized.

Now every time someone fills out the connection card connected to this group they will get this completion message. Simple and effective!

You can also set up a completion email reminder to a staff member when someone fills out this form or a completion text reminder. 

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