To add a person manually you will need to start by clicking on the people tab that is to the left of your screen that is in the blue bar. 

From there click on the New Person button and enter their email and phone number. Our system does not allow for duplication of an email or mobile phone number and will prompt you if you try to add a duplicate.  Click Next after entering in either the mobile phone or email. If Social Sync finds a match, you will be directed to a page that asks what details you want to pull from their public social media profile.

Next, you will be asked to add additional info to their profile and then you can hit Create Contact and you will be finished! 

Take note the last box for additional information is if you would like to add them to a group.  You can click this box and choose a group or groups to add them to.

After you click Create a Person it add them to your TIC account and you can start messaging them!

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