When you create a step in an Automated Workflow, you will see two things: 

  1. A time and day of the week
  2. A number of days to wait.

The first is just what it says, your message will be sent on this day of the week at this time, no matter what other settings are in the system

If you choose the send later option then you will be prompted to select how many days to wait before the message is sent on a specific day of the week and time. 

For example; If I wanted to send a message on the second Monday after they join, so not the first Monday but a week after, I would tell the system to wait 1 or 2 days (really just enough days to get passed the first Monday) and then on the next Monday following the waiting period it will send at the designated time and day!  

Likewise, if they message is set to wait 0 days and send on Sunday at 4pm, they can join anytime before Sunday at 4pm and the message will be sent to them on the very first occurrence of that time and day.

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