Text in Church allows you to send a group message and use special code to pull a person's name and other details from their people record. This gives you the personal feel like you hand drafted a message to an individual when you actually sent a message to a group of people all at once.

To use our message variables, you simply need to copy and paste or type the code into the system! You can also find a drop-down of the message variables in the email builder on the top menu panel to the left side.

It is super easy to insert the code; just type in one of the following to have the system automatically add that information.

Email: {EMAIL}
Address: {ADDRESS_1} {CITY}, {STATE} {ZIP}
Comments: {COMMENTS}

This code can be found in a drop down menu within the email builder.  See image below.

Or you can see it as buttons to add when composing an SMS or text message.

You can address people by their first name, but selecting that code and putting it at the beginning of automated workflow steps or group messages. This allows each message to a large group to have personalization to it. 

A common way to use all the information listed above is in automated workflow reminder steps.  You can set up a message to go to an office staff member or volunteer to send a note or give a call to a person after they visit.  You can also ask members to review their information and help you update what you have on file as well. 

To make sure that you entered this correctly, we recommend sending a message to yourself first! 

You will also notice there are links to updating contact forms at the bottom of the variables list above.  What those do is allow you to send a digital form asking a contact for their updated information.  A prime example of this would be if you had imported a previous list gathered of members for your church and it's possible people have changed their contact information and you are wanting to get the most recent information from them.

Update Contact Form English: {BASIC_UPD}
Update Contact Form Spanish: {BASICO_UPD}
Update Contact Form English Extended: {EXTENDED_UPD}
Update Contact Form Spanish Extended: {EXTENDIDO_UPD}

You can insert this into an email or a text message to send the form.  This code generates a unique link that will update specifically their record within TIC.

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