It has never been easier to import your contacts. Simply click on the people tab and then select the CSV import button! You can also access the CSV import option under the Settings Menu.

From the Import page you can download our data template if needed.  We have listed out the data we collect for TIC: Last Name, First Name, Email, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip, Comment. For faster importing you can make your column headers of your spreadsheet meet these names. However, you can use any spreadsheet and choose which spreadsheet field to map with which field in TIC. 

You click Select a File to navigate to the file you desire to import.  After that selection, you can choose to select a group or groups to add the people to upon import.  You need to check that you have permission to contact them (you know them or they requested information, not that you are just pulling random lists off the internet to SPAM).  Then click Process File to move to the next screen.

**Important, only choose the TIC field once.  Choosing a field (example First Name) twice will not import either column from your spreadsheet.  Click "The first row of my file is a header" if the top line in your spreadsheet contains the column titles (First Name, Last Name, etc).  This will keep you from importing a contact with the first line of data.

After Clicking Import People, you will see a data processing page. Please leave the page open while the yellow box appears that tells you it is processing.  After it is done it will list line by line what actions were done upon import.  On the example below you will notice that the data on line 2.

TIC will not allow you to import an email or mobile phone number that is already in use for another contact in the system.  However, if you selected for this spreadsheet to be added to a group, it will find the person record that matches the email/mobile number on the record you are trying to import that is duplicated and continue to add them to the group, but it will not create a second record for this person.

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