There are four ways to add a person to TIC. The first is having them join up via keyword. This enters them into your TIC account and they join the group. The second way is to have them enter from your Digital Connection Card Link that you place on a tablet or computer and ask them to fill out their information. This creates their record and adds them to the group connected to that link. The third way is to import an existing list from a CSV file and select a group you want them to go into.  This will allow you to quickly add existing people to a new group, but not duplicate their record.  The forth way is to manually add a New Person and in the prompts to do that, you have the option to choose which group you add them to.

You can add a person manually by clicking on the people tab and then selecting the New Person button.  

From there you can enter their email and or phone.

 Once you add their info and hit next the system will search for their social data. If there is none then you will be able to add more info to their profile. 

From there click create person and you will be done! 

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