With Text in Church you can add an image to your email as either an attachment or embedded into the body of your message.  Images can add to your message, but make sure it's a strong image that relates to your text.  Most people get a large number of emails in a given day and tend to not read many of them in entirety.  So keeping your message to the point has the highest results.

When drafting a new message, you can add an image to your email message by simply clicking on the words "Add Media" at the bottom middle  This will pull up a pop up box that you can navigate and find your image to add. Or you can have a file folder open to drag and drop the file to that area to attach if desired.

We have found that images work best if their width is not greater than 500 pixels. If you would like to have more interactive images or larger files feel free to use Hyperlinks in your message! This will allow them to access the information at their convenience! 

You can also insert an image into the body of the email, instead of as an attachment. Again you won't want inline images to be too big but they can be nice so opening or downloading the attachment isn't necessary for your members.  In the tool bar you can use the photo icon to insert an image in the body of the email.

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