The Text In Church user is able to synchronize contacts and schedule messages with your Planning Center Account integrated with Text In Church.
To enable integration, you will need to have a valid and active account in Planning Center and Lists inside your account.

Connecting Planning Center

  1. Go to Settings and Click on Integrations
  2. Click "View" next to Planning Center
  3. Put in your PCO login credentials
  4. Select the lists you want to sync

Selecting Lists

  • All lists available in Planning Center will be displayed on the "Your Planning Center Lists" page in TIC.
  • You can select one, multiple or all the Lists to be synced at the same time.
  • All contacts will be brought across to a corresponding Text In Church group of the same name. But note that if a synced person does not have a valid email or mobile phone, you won't be able to communicate via those methods with Text In Church.


  • If you have a large number of people to sync, the first sync can take a few hours.
  • After synced, the system will display the time and date of the last sync.

For a contact to be synced to Text in Church, it must have some basic information, such as name, email, and / or phone.
Data such as address, home phone can also be synchronized.
If more than one contact in the List (in Planning Center) has the same email and phone data, they will be synchronized as one.
If the contacts have same email but different phone number, then both contacts will be synced.
If the contacts have same phone number but different email, then both contacts will be synced.
If in Text in Church there is a contact with the same phone and email data as a Planning Center contact, the TIC contact will be added to the synced Group after the sync.
If the contacts in a list in Planning Center are changed (removed or added), the changes will propagate to Text in Church.
If a member is removed or added to the Synchronized Group by Text in Church, the change will not be reflected in the Planning Center.
Which means that:

  • If I remove a person from the Synced Group, after sync with the PCO, that person will be added again.
  • If I add a person to the Synced Group, after sync this person will remain in the Group in the TIC, but will not be in the List in the Planning Center. Because the Lists of People in PCO are based on rules, which does not apply to ICT, where anyone can be part of any Group. Please refer to 2 way Sync.

Nightly Syncing

  • You are able to have all the Lists from PCO synced every night. All the contacts that were updated or added in Planning Center will be synchronized in the TIC.

Two Way Sync Integration

  • Not only does your Planning Center list sync to Text In Church, but any person you create inside of Text In Church’s synced list will automatically go back into Planning Center.
  • After adding a contact to a Planning Center Group, you can go to the Integration page and manually sync, or enable Night Sync, so all changes will be automatically synchronized.
  • Members who are included via TIC can be found in the "People" section of the Planning Center.


  • You can remove the integration with Planning Center at any time.
  • After disconnecting, the groups will not be removed, they will be a group like any other, but they will no longer have their contacts synchronized.
  • The contacts will be kept in the TIC, and can be found in the "People" page.

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