There are three different ways for contacts to be entered into the system. 

The first way is by you entering them manually. The second way is by importing them with a CSV file. The third way is by having the contact text in and their information via keyword and it will be captured automatically.

  1. You can enter them manually by going to the people tab on the right of the dashboard. Select add new people button in the middle of the screen. Fill out their information, select a group for them to be a part of, check that you have permission to contact them, and click submit.

2. You can also enter them with a CSV file by going to the people tab on the right  of the dashboard. Select CSV import and fill out the requested information. You can upload your CSV file and select a group for all of the people to be a part of. 

3.The third way to capture your contact's information is having them text the               keyword of the specific group you would like to add them to. It will send them           reply text with a link where they can fill out their first name, last name, email, and       phone number. They will automatically be added to the group when they submit       the form.

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